Champagne Henri Giraud : The Argonne forest - The Giraud’s oak tree

The mischievous history linked this big oak tree almost 4 centuries of age to the history of our family (1625) and to the history of the legendary monk, Dom Perignon, born in 1639 in Sainte-Menehould in the heart of the Argonne forest.
After having supported the Champagne epic during 4 centuries, the big forest had been forgotten and abandoned in the excitement of the 20th century.

This is a duty of remembrance to give back the historical forest of Champagne its place in History. As a celebration of our terroirs’ reunion, we called our most beautiful cuvée ARGONNE and crowned the G capital with the diaeresis of “Aÿ Grand Cru”.

Coming back to the Argonne forest and facing the majestic and powerful oak trees, is come back to the Champagne roots, as a humility reminder. 
Today, we are making vinification in oak casks made from the big oak tree. After 30 years of experience, we learnt how to understand the forest terroirs as our own vineyard.
The Châtrices plots facing south in a very poor and dry gaize soil, perfectly balance the Valnon small Pinots in full maturity. The aromas structure is marked by the graphite and gives the minerality revealing the delicate and acid characteristics of Aÿ Grand Cru.