Champagne Henri Giraud : miraculous plot

Terroir of our ancestors
The legend of “La Valnon”, this miraculous plot, has been told to 13 generations of Giraud-Hémart winegrowers. Located in the heart of the Aÿ Grand Cru terroir, just under the Châtillon hill, real qualitative leading light of Champagne, the exploits of this vine have peppered our grandparents’ stories.
How, with its vine shoots bursting with reserves, it was able to avoid the so hard winter of 1954; or this year of 1952 when its small Pinots Noirs exceeded the authorised maximum title of 13% of alcohol.
Even now, the selection of the finest vine plants made by our grandfather Léon Giraud offers full, sticky and spicy fruits to our loyal team of grape pickers.
In the middle of the last century, Chardonnays from La Croix-Courcelles completed the blending. The oak vibration guides the successful alchemy even now, under Sébastien’s expert supervision.