Champagne Henri Giraud : Vintages

ARGONNE 2002 : 
Its beautiful deep golden colour with light orange highlights makes it falsely exotic. This is the mark of the miraculous harvest 2002 in Aÿ. After a harvest quantity 50% reduced with regard to the expectations, due to a lack of rainfall, the maximum exposure to sunlight in September concentrated the Pinot grapes of Les Valnons in a spectacular way.
This exposure is present in the nose as well in the palate with a long-lasting touch of Argan oil and warm clementine. Star anise and camphor bring freshness.
This vintage produced in a very limited quantity by the Henri Giraud estate will stand the test of time.

ARGONNE 2004 : 
An authentic year of wine growing in which we had to control the delicate health state of the campaign and the selection of the harvest.
In August, the sun was still missing but the fresh nights and the permanent aeration of the Aÿ hill allowed to happily reach the September sun.
A wonderful tension appears with a complex nose composed of hydrocarbon, warm wood and a touch of musk. The perfect balance between sugar and acidity brings aromas of ripe Pinot/apricot spiced with curry, ginger, saffron leading to a splendid menthol and salted finish.
A wonderful Aÿ wine which is often preferred over the vintage 2002.

ARGONNE 2008 : 
A beautiful golden colour with orange highlights identifies a full and generous wine. However, this is not like the worrying campaign 2008 in which we had to be patient and have steady nerves.
Due to the frosty weather of June, the flower has been somewhat affected but the heat given by the chalks of Aÿ lead the small Pinots of Les Valnons at the top of their ripeness.
A surprising first nose of fresh grape leads into a beautiful cooking prune jam acidity. This acidity is still present throughout the tasting until a very lively finish that brings in turns aromas of pine nuts, roasted pineapple, Iberian ham fat, balsamic, ginger and blood orange.
An extraordinary vintage made for the collectors.

ARGONNE 2011 : 
A year when only the great crus could be able to play their cards right.
The months of July and August 2011 were rainy, grey and cold, interspersed with sudden and short very hot phases which deeply affected the Champagne region.
Even in the Aÿ hill, 15th August was not favourable for this vintage 2011... and then, as usual, Mother Nature made light of us and exceeded the all-time record, that year in terms of sugar-load speed!