Champagne Henri Giraud : Queen of saba

In the 10th century B.C., Queen of Sheba came from the Eritrea desert, at the head of a large procession to introduce herself to King Solomon. In any times, people had never seen so many spices and gold coming to Jerusalem.
Burnt by the sun, as our small Pinots are roasted in the Aÿ hill, the muse inspired the ARGONNE 2004 creation whose spicy freshness of eastern herbs is fascinating.
Produced in a unique small cask made from the Châtrices forest in winter 2002, Argonne Rosé is the fruit of the extreme selection of the best part of ARGONNE 2004 and its merge with some litres of the extraordinary Henri Giraud red Aÿ Grand Cru.
Its family production has been limited to 328 bottles, the real signature of the creative power of women and men of our estate.