Champagne Henri Giraud : In the chalks of Aÿ

«The Champagne region: A poor terroir that a chalky wine made sumptuous» - Salvador Dali 

The chalk of Aÿ, that was left there seventy million years ago by the seas of the Cretaceous period that covered the Champagne region, is extremely poor and soft. In places, it is more than 200-meter thick, only covered with 20 cm of fertile soil.
Both discrete and magnificent, it shows in the vineyard that drapes itself in white wrinkles. In Aÿ, it is so easy to find a piece of chalk and appreciate its softness in the hand.
It is white and thin, so soft that you can easily scratch it with your nail.
Despite its apparent fragility, do not underestimate it because its multiple attractive traits command respect.
Facing south, it is perfect for the vine, low-nutrient, it stores heat and water up and gives them back in a regular way. It drains oversupplies and absorbs them. Full of microscopic marine fossils, it gives to the vine the best it has, like a motherly relationship, and gives to the wine this so particular structure and this incomparable saltiness.