Champagne Henri Giraud : Different

Working the Chardonnay grape variety in the Pinot Noir soil? Of course, by making the promise to have the same generosity and the same intensity.
Our choice was to get away from the ways made by the large majority and look to the fairest way, to revive forgotten champagne practices or simply dare. When we turned to the Champagne history, it has been much more than returning to origins, we found the inspiration to innovate: the Argonne and the oak casks way, as partners of our wines, the grape varieties’ taste that make great wines before bubbles.
Rewrite the codes, differ our look, change our vision.

Give our certainties up? After more than 30 years of meticulous work and explorations, we have chosen the “0% STAINLESS STEEL” way and we only use small containers. Noble materials are the only guarantees of an exceptional quality to create the Henri Giraud great wines.

Guided by our passion we can make mistakes but never been lost. We are experimenting, we are living. For the Champagne Henri Giraud’s best, our motto is still the same:

“Never refrain from something, never being forced to do something, make good wine naturally. “