Champagne Henri Giraud : Goddess of fertility

We have chosen a mythological goddess of fertility in terracotta to be the emblem of our DAME-JANE. It is the symbol of the intimate link of our terracotta cuvée though which it lives and breathes. It reminds us our origins and the time when men venerated the fertility of the earth.
At the end of prehistory, men settled down. They became farmers, controlled the vines and produced the first wines in terracotta vats. The vestiges of the first fermentation-controlled beverage date back to 9,000 years in China during Neolithic Age. The first crus of grapes verified by the presence of turpentine resin - used as preserving agent - in earthenware vase from Haiji Firuz Tepe (Iran) of which the internal face bears marks of grape wine, are dated from 7,400 years.
Since then, wine destiny was decided: its history will belong to the mankind history. These two histories will both speed up.
As the first wine producers and thanks to this farmer behaviour that stimulates us to take each day with a new light, with a new wind, we question tradition and refine our techniques. Eternal history, virtuous circle, each step of our work needs us to face our doubts for always starting again our search for the best.