Champagne Henri Giraud : Wine-making process in amphora

In 1990, the very first thermo-regulated stainless-steel vats were installed in Champagne as a complement to our barrel winery. Thus, we learned a lot about how to control the fermentation temperature in stainless steel vats. We were very proud of this big modern investment.
But, year after year, experience has shown that our greatest wines were the wines vinified in oak casks. So, we found this adage to be true: “Great wines need small containers”. Freedom to think differently, humility and demand to reach the best result guided us naturally and progressively to follow the “O% INOX” way in our wine-making processes. Because the only proven advantage of stainless steel is to make possible the construction of very big containers. For our DAME-JANE vinification, we have tested during ten years new ovoid-shape containers in terracotta, and then in sandstone because it brings depth, freshness and vibration to the fruit. In these new containers, the exchange between the wine and its lee, bringing antioxidant and aromatic forerunner is optimum. The wine is protected in them and needs few sulphites.
Since 2015, 25 years after, this is how our wines are only vinified in Argonne oak casks or in sandstone earthenware vases.
Today, 50 amphorae are exclusively used to vinify and make our DAME-JANE age. The minimal and slow air circulation through the faces of the amphorae ensures the great Rosé a perfect breath.