Champagne Henri Giraud : Dâmghân - Wine recipient

Dâmghân city, in the Silk Road, 300 km from Tehran was famous for its small terracotta or glass cylinder manufacturing to transport wine or oil. This region located in the Fertile Crescent, an area of cultivable soils between the mountains and the desert that connects Mediterranean Sea to Persian Gulf gave rise to writing and to the first city-states organisation and is situated in the heart of commercial and cultural exchanges that grew and extended to the West.
Then, the “Dâmghân” word invaded Europe with trading with the Levant, as “Damajana” and became “Dame-Jane” in 1614 in Corneille’s writings. Today, it refers to a small glass wine recipient in every country in the world and has the same phonetics everywhere.
With our DAME-JANE cuvée, we are celebrating this period of growth and progress that had been essential for the men and which our origins come from.

Constantly looking to the past and questioning our history help us to understand what made the wine grow. In contrast with a comfortable nostalgia that would make us repeat the same gestures again and again in our work, we are recalling to mind the history by creating the wines of today.