Champagne Henri Giraud : Nature revolution - On trust

Champagne Henri Giraud gives its own definition of the natural wine. For ten millennia, the wine has been belonging to the human adventure: “when we talk about human, we are talking about unique”. Produce in a natural way is making your own experience, your culture, your sensitivity and your passion for the benefit of the wine. 

Esprit Nature freely expresses our passion and bears our culture and our sensitivity.
The “New Generation” information label gives access to the result of the molecular analysis of your wine.

In the wine world, “No pesticide” led to extensive press coverage at the end of the year 2017. The Champagne Henri Giraud’s initiative announcement - which was the first of its kind in the world - was such an earth-shaking that Claude Giraud, his president, was encouraged to go even further in the approach and to propose to all the winegrowers of the whole world a sign of confidence universally recognizable (a logo with a QR code giving access to the complete analysis of the wine). Flashback with him on an approach that marked, without doubt, the emergence of a new era in the wine world.

What was the stimulus that lead you to create this sign of confidence?

Claude Giraud: “The journalist Jane Anson’s article in the DECANTER magazine has been a revelation for us of a new strong passion from lovers of great wines: they want a concrete commitment for a better transparency. They demand it from Champagne Houses of course but also, more broadly, from the Châteaux and the estates. This “No pesticide” has been an electroshock for several wine professionals and for a public ever more concerned about its well-being. This article allowed to initiate new enriching discussions and this gave us the idea to go even further. We were very touched by the posts in social networks, the mails and emails that we received: 100% of you prefer the outcome obligation rather than the obligation of means So, from this January we are going even further, giving access to the complete analysis of our wine via a QR code affixed on our back labels”.