Champagne Henri Giraud : Champagne adn

Draw on the Champagne origins, in times when its aura was built thanks to the men’s ingenuity to regain the creative momentum of the Champagne of tomorrow.
Question history with the eyes of today to create the Champagne 2040.
Look for details that made great works, this infinitesimal that gives the Champagne all its majesty.
Restore the fundamentals, these pieces of information interlinked into each other that bear the code of the Champagne and that we are passing down to the next generations.
Observe, understand, try out, make mistakes and start again, with no certainty, no absolute belief, and go in search of the blond wine’s ADN from which everything can restart.
After huge investments of time, failures and learnings, each of our cuvées gives you these extraordinary and fascinating discoveries.
By restoring the fundamentals of terroir and wine making process, we made the ADN of our wines progress to the excellence.