Champagne Henri Giraud : The Paper Tree

sculpture by Claudine DIVRY 

This four-meter high paper tree spreads its kindly shadow out in the heart of the Giraud estate. This monumental piece made from recycled newspapers evokes the fragility of Mother Nature facing the human activity.

This tree is the perfect image of our commitment for the Champagne region. Our respect for Nature guides our daily work in full freedom, curiosity and requirement of the most beautiful result.

In partnership with the National Office of Forests, pioneer of the sustainable development since the 14th century, we want to ensure the Argonne forest continues to exist and contribute to the protection of the Champagne region heritage. We pay for plantings of new oak trees and for the essential care they need in their first years of growth.

By the way, the Paper Tree majestic shape is reminiscent of its fraternal link with the famous Giraud oak tree from the Hauts-Bâtis forest.

Being three centuries of age at least, the Giraud oak tree is one of the most beautiful trees of Argonne. Contemplate it in all its glory is a unique experience, almost mystic. This monument of Nature leaves us facing our duties and makes us believe in the man capacity to rebuilding.

« A beautiful attempt, a crazy challenge laid down for the freedom to create: rebuilding forests with the same product of their destruction, raising interlacing of words facing the branches devastation, making whispering words instead of rustling its leaves.

Transmutation: the waste becomes fibre, roots, trunk, branches again... And soon, the tree spreads its networks: the sap is circulating again...

An ecological approach in its most rigorous meaning as the artist transposes into images and poetry the circulation of the material and the energy between mankind and its environment.

Meticulous and infinite work, imperceptible but inexorable progress, at the image of life that emerges in the spring and triumphs where we were believing it had disappeared.
Jean Deloche