Champagne Henri Giraud : Small Pinots Noirs from Aÿ

The Pinot Noir is one of the pillars of our estate.

Champagne owes everything to the Pinot Noir: its aromatic range that fascinated so much in the 19th century and its deep colour that made it the blond wine of great poets. It is no coincidence that this pressing and this vinification with white wine, of the Pinot Noir planted in the porous chalk from the Campanian age, have marked the wine and mankind history forever.

The Pinot Noir alone illustrates the incomparable delicacy of Northern wines, regardless of whether they are vinified with Burgundy red wine or with Champagne white wine. The fresh climate and the soft limestone in which it is planted give the best expression to it and make it one of the rarest grape varieties. The duality between power and fragility has become the quality indicator that every great wine needs: “ça pinote”! (something that has the taste of Pinot Noir)

Coming from Burgundy, it gave birth to the quality of Champagne wines of the 17th century, when winegrowers learnt how to make it a great white wine. We were affected by the “little ice age” (1650-1850), that was a so cold period in Champagne that we were not able any more to make good white wine with white grapes or good red wine with black grapes. This is how the Champagne winegrowers decided to overcome this climatic accident and to revolutionize pressing and vinification by learning how to make a great “white wine with black grapes”.