Champagne Henri Giraud : family

Strongly attached to our terroir, the origins of the Henri Giraud estate date back to the 17th century. Born in Aÿ in 1625, François Hémart, ancestor of the Giraud-Hémart family was a winegrower.

In 1670, in the Hautvillers monastery, not far Aÿ, Dom Perignon made his best efforts to select the grapes he will blend to create perfect wines. With the recent use of Pinot Noir in the Champagne region, winegrowers started to produce “grey wines” that is to say white wines made with black grapes. In the middle of the golds of Versailles, King Louis XIV enjoyed this “new” wine coming from Champagne.
At the same time, 80 km away, in Argonne, the Giraud’s oak tree, grown from a seed that fell on the damp and warm soil, slowly spreads its first foliage to the sky to find light.

The memory of the times when the Champagne was built has been passed down to the 12 generations who flew the Giraud estate’s flag in the extraordinary epic of the blond wine. This past grants rights and duties to us. Our family is aware of the value of this immaterial heritage and is committed to pass it down, to protect it and to improve it.

Beyond our Champagne family roots, we also want to pay tribute to human links which help us to reinvent ourselves, since 1625.