Champagne Henri Giraud : The terroir of Ay Grand Cru

The Champagne terroir certainly has the richest historical past, produces the reference wine for the greatest journalists, writers and poets of all times... And yet, it is the least well known.

Very few aficionados could or knew how to unveil the light vegetable peel of its hillsides, plunged into the deep faults of limestone and, as its small Pinot roots, draw on it the mineral inspiration: a delicate finish. Very few felt the Valnon coast resonating under the July sun and the big crows wheeling around the warm winds of the early morning; the grape pickers, sparkling of dew and sweat, the shears sticky with sugar: power and roundness of aromas. The cotton-like and foggy large white river making the village and the hillsides disappear and suddenly pushed by the breeze making discover the sunny valley as a magician will do with his veil: menthol freshness, incomparable elegance of the Pinot grape varieties in Aÿ.
Our family has been working the vine in this background since the 17th century.